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The Right Financial Relationship


Fiduciary. Fee-Only. Independent.

Your best interest is our biggest responsibility. 

Conscious Capital Management is an independent, fiduciary, fee only investment firm. This important difference means our loyalty is to our clients, reinforced by a legal oath to act in your best financial interests, and with a single-fee promise that assures you receive objective advice and unbiased recommendations. Combining financial planning with our portfolio management services means you can be confident that every decision is made with your goals, needs, and preferences in mind. And with more than two decades of managing investments, we have the professional experience and knowledge that comes with navigating the markets through multiple up and down cycles. That is why we are proud to be the top financial advisor of choice in Wisconsin for many individuals, families, and nonprofits. See what makes us different at About Us , or look at our Services to find out how we are right for you.

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We are committed to expanding financial literacy while demystifying the secrets of how investing works. This guide will give you tips and suggestions based on the academically proven financial principles professionals have used for years. Regardless of what is happening in the market, you can apply these simple and practical changes to your investment plan and earn more from your investments.

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Invest in good causes, makes good sense.

Your values shouldn't have to be separated from your financial decisions. With us you can choose to have your investments match your beliefs. While your capital is invested for your future, you can have it change the futures of others. When other firms miss certain risks and opportunities, our financial research captures them. That is the power of integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data into your investment analysis process and it shows in our performance. As a leading financial advisor in ESG investing, it is just one more advantage that sets us apart from all the other financial firms. See how we build sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) portfolios by visiting our SRI Investing Page or email us directly with any questions you have about applying Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into your investments by clicking the button below.

Affordable management for every goal.

Your goals are our goals, and we intend to make them possible without making service compromises, charging high fees, or taking up a lot of your time. You can choose your preferred approach and we will build you a globally diversified portfolio, managed with proven principles and smart technology. We start with a simple .5% management fee that only gets lower, and a low minimum investment of $10,000. No commissions. No account fees. No sales loads. Find out more about our portfolio management offerings through our two unique approaches.

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Affordable management for every goal.

Your goals are our goals, and we intend to make them possible without making service compromises, charging high fees, or taking up a lot of your time. Our  advisory services are designed to make your financial responsibilities easier on you.  One, all-inclusive, financial peace of mind, under one transparent fee. No commissions. No account fees. No sales loads. It begins with a conversation with us about you, your goals, and needs. From there we will do all the work to structure you a plan with a low cost globally diversified portfolio to get you where you want to go. Managed with over two decades of market experience, researched with noble prize winning principles and optimal performance with smart technology. Find out more about our services below. 

Portfolio Recommendations

We are so confident that we are your best choice in financial advisors that we will give you a portfolio for free. Tell us about yourself through our secure Electronic Questionnaire and we will tailor fit a portfolio designed specifically for you. Or email us for a 30 minute consultation. You will not have any cost or obligation to see how we do things differently today.

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