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Financial Planning
We are a planning-based investment firm taking a real-life approach. Which means we put financial planning at the top of our governing philosophy to guide your financial decisions and help you achieve your goals. But manage it as a continuous process of preparing you financially for any unexpected events or changing targets. We build your plan together with you, measure progress regularly, and adjust accordingly to keep you aligned with what you want your finances to do for you. All along the way giving you access to a knowledgeable advisor when you want direction and a trusted console when you need answers. So no matter how life unfolds, you can have the confidence and peace of mind your finances are ready for it. 
Life planning through your different financial stages:

I. Financial Beginnings

Entering the working world with a new income, mounting education loans, and important financial decisions can be overwhelming. We help make that transition seamless by getting our client organized, reduce debt, control costs, and build a budget. Helping them with their new menu of financial choices like buying a home, starting a family, or new business. And maximize their savings, retirement, and investment account options.

II. Accumulation

As life takes off and clients develop goals and evolve longer term plans, we give them the financial resources and knowledge to get there. Along the way, preparing for a child’s education, making a career change, or moving into a new lifestyle are all part of life’s ever changing directions. Through optimal tax management and cost mitigation we eliminate controllable drags on their success. While focusing on growing their savings and investment resources through the ups and downs of different market cycles.

III. Employment To Retirement Transition

After a lifetime of working towards the goal of retirement, the transition is often stressful and worrisome. We provide updated projections, income strategies, and goal timelines to make this next stage a comfortable one. We help you with things like rolling over employment plans to your individual ones, determining social security distributions, and preparing for health care coverage. At the same time celebrating along with you during your greatest financial achievement.

Managing an Inheritance

During our maturing stage of life, we may experience the passing of a loved one and receive some form of inheritance. Whether in the form of a beneficiary IRA, trust distributions, or property. Understanding the tax implications and proper distributions helps you receive all that was intended. A sudden windfall of additional assets can often be a surprise and having an investment firm to help manage it during and after the transition can be comforting.

IV. Retirement Longevity

As we live longer and strive to retire earlier, the time we need to produce a lifestyle income has increased significantly. The average individuals retirement year can last beyond 20-30 years. It is during this time, we spend our efforts on monitoring and adjusting income to make sure you can continue enjoying this period of life. As you may scale down housing, take more trips, or add a new hobby knowing where your financials, income, and investments stand at all times is the key to restful relaxation and peace of mind.

V. Legacy Protection & Trust Management

  Identifying your estate needs and planning early is the best way to honor your wishes for what you leave behind. Making sure beneficiaries are on all accounts, titling physical assets, philanthropic donations, and distributions are part of our administrative services. Additionally, we consult you through considerations to secure your legacy through creating an endowment, foundation, or donor advised fund. As well as you can be assured your most important assets are handled in a trusted and prudent manner with a formalized investment policy contractually defining exactly how it should be managed in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

Comforting Care

One of the greatest threats to a lifetime of accumulated wealth can be a unexpected illness or disability. We help clients avoid the financial distress of expensive medical costs by preparing ahead. It is reassuring to know protections and resources are in place should something happen that requires additional care. Allowing you to focus on getting better and being with family.

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