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How to Invest - Building Your Portfolio

A recent survey by TD Ameritrade asked 15-24 year olds about their finances and revealed that almost half believed that using a savings account was the best way to plan for retirement, and less than 20% believed that the stock market was the ideal option for growing their money. 76% of respondents admitted to knowing little to nothing about investing at all. A similar survey by Bankrate reported that Millennials were twice as likely as any other age group to cite lack of education about the stock market as the reason they weren’t investing. The truth is that everyone should invest, but many young people are missing the opportunity. Too often, this is because they believe they either don’t ha

5 Financial Planning Tips For Young Savers

Financial planning can seem overwhelming and complicated, especially if you’re young and feel like you don’t know anything about investing. Most people put off thinking about their financial future as long as possible because they don't know where to begin, but starting with some well known basics makes establishing good financial habits much easier. Here are five things that new graduates and beginning savers should know about financial planning, and how to use them. 1) Invest​ Everyone needs to have some savings in investments. This is not the same as putting money in a savings account. Savings accounts, typically provide minimal interest and cannot provide the growth required to meet long

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