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Speaking Topics

The following choices are topics that Brian has previously spoken on. If you'd like to have Brian speak on a new topic that is not listed here, email us at! 

Sustainable and Socially Conscious Investing

An overview of the emerging field of ESG investing and its social and financial benefits. 

How to Invest with Your Values

Your financial goals don't have to be separated from your personal values. Learn how to invest with your interests in a way that you can feel good about, while making smart financial decisions. 

Sustainable Capitalism + Economics

This topic explores the systematic and economic benefits of sustainable capitalism, and how such structures came about in the first place.

Retiring Ethically - Small Business Plans

Whether you have an individual retirement account or are interested in a retirement plan for your small business/organization, ethical portfolios can be a part of saving for the future. Learn more about this new and exciting development within ethical investing in this introductory seminar.

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Basics of Financial Planning

This seminar can be specialized according to your audience. Potential topics include understanding 401ks, budgeting, saving, debt management, estate planning, etc. Great for beginners and those just starting to manage their finances.

Investing 101

Take a look at proven financial principles and smart financial behaviors that anyone can utilize to begin investing effectively. Learn how to handle market changes and remain a long-term investor.

Wealth Transfer

What happens when you inherit a will, handle a trust, or want to leave a legacy behind for future generations? This topic covers these issues and others that fall under the transitional and life-changing event that is wealth transfer.

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