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Our Story

In 2003, a client asked a question that would change everything; "What was available for socially conscious investing?" There wasn't much at the time, so founder Brian Bengry set out to change that. He connected with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he joined a committee to help create a potential MBA concentration for sustainable management. Through his involvement in different research projects, Brian discovered an interest for a new kind of financial firm - one that cared about ethical values as much as good returns. Working at big financial institutions like Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan Chase gave Brian the experience and the motivation he needed to start just that kind of firm. After 8 years of questions, research, and overcoming roadblocks, Conscious Capital Management was born. 

Since 2011, SRI (sustainable, responsible and impact) investing has expanded dramatically to become the fastest growing trend in the industry. As more and more clients start asking about ethical investing, more companies start to care. We remain as committed to ethical values today as we did 13 years ago, and carry that commitment over to you every day.

Our Promise

We believe a great financial firm begins with the highest standards of ethics and values. At the top of our ethical promise are those we serve. We put in place visible commitments to the responsibility we have to our clients and their best financial interests, like our Code of Ethics and Formal Investment Policy. Our clients' interests are backed by our fiduciary responsibility, a combination that is hard to find elsewhere. The right way to help people with their finances and investments begins with the right values, ethics, and commitments. We make these the cornerstone of everything we do and are proud of our promise to you.

Our Principal Values


Conscious Capital Management is a 100% independent investment advisory firm, connected directly to our clients. We don't have proprietary products, unnecessary commissions, or hidden agendas, which means we don't have conflicting interests like many firms. Our service is to our clients, not  to Wall Street.  


We utilize world class planning, measured investment processes, cutting-edge technology, and proven market leaders to build the best portfolios for our clients. Our experience over multiple decades and across different market cycles offers you the secure and dependable guidance needed for a dynamic world. 


Trust is earned by honest representation. We take your trust in us seriously. That is why with us you will never find hidden fees, the secret sauce, or disappointing surprises. 


Being responsible for wealth comes with a high standard of expectations, an oath that we are proud to represent. We will always act with your best interest in mind. Our code of ethics and formal investment policy is just a part of our dedication to your financial well being.

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