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Our Firm
Conscious Capital Management is a fully independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor specializing in financial planning and disciplined, long-term investment management services. Our client-centric approach ensures you can expect our integrity, expertise, and objectivity to be both personal and responsive.
We Do Things Differently: 
Our system of values rest on these 5 cornerstones of our firm.

1. Fiduciary

We are legally bound to put your best interests first, and we take this commitment seriously.  By law, a fiduciary acts on behalf of another in situations that require great trust, honesty, and loyalty.  Unlike a brokerage firm or investment bank, the advice and service we offer is focused on putting our client's best interest first.

2. Client Centered

We are a private financial firm, our clients are the shareholders we answer to and every one of them at the heart of our business. Whereas other firms can have multiple parties driven by different interests, our only interest is to protect and grow the wealth our clients. We simply succeed along side the families and foundations we serve. Building lifetime relationships with you at the center is how we measure our success. That is why we are proud to say that our biggest source of growth comes from the referrals we receive from our clients to family members, friends, and neighbors. 

3. Promise of Service

We have a promise of service to our clients. If there is every anything you need, you come first. If there is a way we can make things better for you, we will improve it. If there is ever a problem, we will make it right. We believe it begins with clear and regular communication through our quarterly reviews, planning consultations, and being accessible with answers that are just a call or click away. Our standard is to deliver consistent, exceptional service any time you need it.

4. Independent

As an independent financial advisory firm, we have no incentive to recommend proprietary products, and we are able to act as a fiduciary and put your best interests first. Our only incentive is to understand your needs and execute in your best interest. This allows us to select from any money manager, investment company, custodian, record keeper, product or service provider. No one firm is the best at everything. That's why we believe having complete independence and the ability to select from the "best in class" allows us to find world-class service providers that specialize in each part of a financial solution.

5. Fee-Only

As a fee-only firm, we are compensated exclusively by our clients. This transparent fee structure ensures we provide objective advice with client's best interests in mind. We don't sell or "represent" any financial products and receive no commissions, kickbacks, revenue sharing or hidden fees. We believe the success of a financial planner should be based on the success of their clients, not on the number of products a client purchases. That's why we don't accept referral fees, commissions, or other reimbursements from the implementation of our recommendations. The only compensation we receive is what you pay us directly.  Being compensated by a predetermined client fee, rather than commissions, reduces potential conflicts of interest and helps ensure the advice you receive is in your best interest. 

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