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Our personal advisory service is the most comprehensive and dedicated service we offer. We'll help you manage your wealth and grow it for the future using smart technology, strategic allocations, fundamental financial principles, and the optimal investments for your personal goals. Whether you are saving for a house, planning for retirement, or working out all the in-betweens, our devoted team of financial professionals can offer you long-term commitment and peace of mind. Get started today with a free investment strategy analysis and personalized recommendations, no strings attached.

The Basics

Every personal advisory relationship is different. We customize your plan to your needs, preferences, requirements, and values, letting the plan evolve as you do. But no matter what you're looking to get out of a financial advisor, there are three things that comes guaranteed for all our personal advisory clients.

Financial Planning

A Goal Focused Approach

Our process begins by gathering your information to gain a thorough understanding of your financial circumstances, personal preferences, and investing parameters. We do a complete analysis to provide the right recommendations and begin building a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. Click here for a full list of the financial plans available to you in this service.

Wealth Management

World Class Investments

We select market leaders with proven track records for given economic and market cycles across different investment types. These best in class positions are continuously reviewed for goal maximization, optimal performance, and strategic alignment. Through leading investment research & independent analytics, we use objective and unbiased data to keep our standards high. 

Investment Advice

Continued Guidance

Life, like the financial markets, is dynamic and always changing. It requires a disciplined approach to make important decisions at the right time. We keep you informed and on top of your investments so that when something changes in your life, your finances change with it.

Technology when you want it.
Real people when you don't.

We use the latest in investing technology to automate certain processes, like trading execution and tax-loss harvesting, so that we can devote our attention and service to the bigger decisions. This gives your portfolio optimal functionality, while improving efficiency. Smart technology, personal involvement, ethical expertise, and local relationships; it's the best of all worlds.

The Process
  • Cash Flow Assessment

  • Financial Statements

  • Current Investments

  • Taxes + Estate Considerations

  • Protection and Risks

  • Define Goals + Parameters

  • Meet Financial Obligations

  • Tax Optimization

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Goal Alignment + Preferences

  • Apply Principles + Methods

  • Asset Placement + Allocation

  • Appropriate Investment Selection

  • Annual Plan Progress Reports

  • Quarterly Reports + Reviews

  • Portfolio Adjustments + Alignment

  • Regular Advice + Guidance

Unconstrained Investment Selection

As an independent advisory firm, we do not have any obligation to sell certain products or agendas over others. This gives you the advantage of a well-diversified portfolio with many investment options to choose from. Just another way that Conscious Capital Management is different than any other financial firm.

  • Stocks

  • Preferred Stocks

  • Equity Mutual Funds

  • Equity Exchange Traded Funds

Fixed Income
  • Individual Bonds

  • Individual CD's (FRIDC insured)

  • Bond Mutual Funds

  • Bond Exchange Traded Funds

Cash Management
  • Money Markets

  • FDIC Insured Sweep Accounts

  • Cash Alternatives

Other Alternatives
  • Commodities 

  • Hedges

  • Market Neutral

Ethically Measured
  • ESG Mutual Funds + ETFs

  • Socially Responsible Mutual Funds + ETFs

  • Ethical Individual Securites

Ethical Alternatives
  • Community Investments

  • Microfinance

  • Private Funds

  • Crowdfunding 

One Transparent Fee.

You hire us to provide professional advice & guidance to help you reach your financial goals, not to make trades or pick certain investments. That is why we charge one transparent fee on the assets we are managing for you, once a year. We don't believe in commissions or transaction fees, so what you see is what you get. As an added bonus for choosing us to protect your assets, our fee gets smaller as you increase your asset balance. Find out more about our pricing here.

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